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And I love the addition of the Boss fights at end of each location made it the second one! Congratulations to: Please send an email to our contact address link at the bottom of the page including your full name, your email address and your OS platform of choice Windows or Mac. Please state that you are at least 13 years of age or older.

If younger than 13, please get your parents to send in their information instead. The information will be used only for sending to PopCap for your free full version of Zuma's Revenge. I was happy beyond belief when I started the game up and the game was in wide screen mode. Finally a casual game that takes advantage of my giant monitor! Still waiting to hear from seldumonde. If I don't receive an email from you by then, I'll name someone else to receive it.

Damn it! I thought I'd get some sort of email.

Zuma's Revenge - Level 60 Without Dying Once!!! [HD]

Figures I finally win something and I don't bother to check the message board cause I'm sure I'll get an email. Next time Jay runs something I'm gonna check it like a hawk. Or did you email me and it went into spam for some reason? I feel really bad about that seldumonde. I will buy you a copy of the game anyways. Send me an email please so I know where to send the unlock code to. I downloaded Zume's Revenge and installed, then opted to play.

My screen went black. As I have two monitors, I switched my mouse to the other, and the game then appeared on the first monitor. However, whenever I moved my mouse back to the game monitor, the screen again went black. I had to try to estimate where the proper places were to click on the black screen in order to get to the right place to exit, which I finally did. Thanks - Joanne. I can't offer any help myself, since I'm a Mac user and I don't have any idea how Windows treats a dual monitor situation.

I think this game is also out for the , I'm going to have to go on a hunt for it. I'm addicted to the mobile version of it: I love Zuma's Revenge. I'm stuck at Boss level 6. I've tried to analyze where the fire bombs will be, but I still can't get through it. Any tips? Any hints at Boss Level 3 for heroic frog? I've played over 3 hours on that level and can't get past it. I'm facing carpel tunnel winning this one! I am stuck on 59th level of Heroic Frog and it is just impossible to complete it. I loose all my lives and have start from 56th level.

I have played again from 56th level and reached 59th level many times but not able to complete that level. I just dont undertand why they have made it so difficult it is not at all fun playing the Heroic level. Pop Cap has gone mad. I love the new zuma game but I am having trouble with level I have been playing level 60 for 45 min straight and it will not allow me to finish the game. We just beat the Level 6 Boss, but how do you open the 3 different play modes and also the Iron Frog mode? All I saw were the credits. It depends on what version of the game you have.

If you downloaded and purchased it from PopCap using the links on this page, then the extra modes should already be there. If, however, you downloaded and purchased it from a different site, then chances are you have Zuma's Revenge Adventure , which is a stripped down and cheaper version of the game that includes only the Adventure mode. Does anyone know if there's a reference guide to what needs to be accomplished in order for the differences to appear on the front page?

For instance, after I beat the Iron Frog, something cool appears on one eye! I don't want to give away what appears. My question is are there different things that I can uncover, and how can I know what to shoot for? I finished the whole game last night! It was very tough but I loved it! When you get to level sixty with the torches, you win, when you shoot out all four torches! I figured it out after over an hour! Great game! I finished it and the credits popped up and then I went wild with celebrations and even got out of my chair to gloat to my wife when all of a sudden balls began popping at me.

It was a bluff. I then had to fight toothe and nail to beat a few more bosses but I never ever really knew when I'd won. Then the other game modes opened up when I finally won. I guess the person who got to the credits was fooled and logged off. HA HA Ha!! That was the bluff of all bluffs that even had me fooled. What a fantastic game. Matt - I like the added specials at the Main Screen too. As far as I can tell so far, you get one for beating Iron Frog and you get another for getting all the cups and another for making it through the Challenge level without dying. Right now I'm trying to make it through Heroic Frog.

Not sure how long that will take me but I figure it deserves some reward. Man I love this game. Iron Frog is giving me fits though! Clearing those 10 stages with 1 life is near impossible. Gotten to 7 once but not close since then. More powerups should've been added to this stage, namely reverse, blast and maybe a lightning ball here or there. Without them I just can't clear it and I've played for days!

I am on Boss Battle 5. I have shot all of the balls of the screen before he had a chance to fire back. Now I am just sitting here with nothing happening. All I can do is fire at his force field with, of course, no results. Any suggestions? Heroic Frog's final boss is doing me in!! I am starting to think this level is impossible and, well, "Zuma's Revenge. Matt above and anybody else who conquered Iron Frog -- congratulations!

I finally gave up after reaching level 7 a few times, so now I'm working on Heroic Frog up to This game rules! Is it really possible to beat Heroic Frog's final boss? I've played about 20 times and I cant even hit him more than three times. I've got to the end Shoot fast, very fast, several times though the same opening, and you are done.

I found this level easier than the preceding one. I am stuck at level It keeps saying try again. You don't lose any lives there. Any ideas? Is there more then 1 version of Zuma's revenge? I noticed I have the Adventure version. Is there a way to upgrade? PopCap released a smaller, adventure-only version of the game to all the major portals, and continues to sell the full version exclusively. Since you purchased the game from a site other than PopCap, there is no way to upgrade from the adventure-only version.

Thanks Jay I wished I had known that before. Then I could have bought the full version. I think I still will!! I'm frazzled, but it was worth every minute, that pretty little blue froget was a good prize. Tiki island was tough. Recieved Revenge as a gift and can't get it to start properly Can anyone leave tips or all the ways you can get extra life in Zuma? I know one of them is getting a certain amount of points and another is clearing the curve. How annoying! I wizzed through the 60 levels and looked for the extra gameplay modes and they weren't there. This site has explained why - I have got Zuma's Revenge Adventure.

I wish Yahoo had explained that this wasn't the full game. Maybe they did and I didn't see it. Anyway, I am now buying it again from PopCap so that I get the full game. I bought this game and downloaded it to my MacBookPro. The music continues but the screen freezes and doesn't change. It's supposedly a Mac version.

Does anyone know how I can tell the difference if I can't get the game to run? I've contacted the vendor who told me to delete the game, restart my computer, and reload.

HD - Zuma's Revenge - Level 20 & Boss #2

Didn't work. I am at the last boss battle - Is it just a endurance battle or am I doing something wrong? Is there any tricks so i can move on to Heroic and Iron Frog? I'm going crazy here: I can't get any further than level 7 in Iron Frog I've got all the Ace cups in gauntlet mode for all the previous ranks, so the only thing left is doing this for the Iron Frog levels too, but the i first have to unlock them Damn you Zuma!!!

Well I beat the 2nd level 60 boss Zhaka Mu? Frog wears a hat now, lol I got through Adventure Mode in one sitting. I've been stuck on Heroic Frog Boss 3 for months now. Any help there? And, for all you Iron Froggers, I've gotten to level 9, but not past it, yet. Stand underneath him and take his hits.. He mirrors you at first, then opposites your movements gotta shoot him in the center while managing balls and the toughest last part when he shoots diagonally at you. Manage balls during 1st two phases as best you can while hitting him and then finish him off last phase.

Does anyone know what triggers the "door-slamming" sound, and what does it mean? It only seems to happen in the higher levels, and I can't seem to figure out why it's there.

Please Help!! I have been stuck on Heroic Frog's final boss for weeks! I get past the stone face and then the bat looking guy appears and then I can get him down to a quarter of a heart left on his health yet I hit him 3 or 4 more times and he still doesn't die!! Do I have a defective game or is there some kind of trick?? I keep getting "dazed". I need to hit the boss guy 20 times to beat him, and I can't get more than three hits. What's the secret? And what does it mean when that lightening rod lights up? Hey Diane, shoot the stone statues that float by with the lightning running through them.

Rinse and repeat. I am new at this game. I did real well on regular Zuma, but am on Boss 3 and can't seem to get past it. How do I move on? I keep playing over and over again on the same thing. Has anyone noticed that you don't actually recieve the bonus points from the "clear curve bonus"? I get the extra frog, but don't get the actual "bonus points" that it says you get It kind of makes the "clear curve bonus" more of a detriment than a bonus because I would rather have the time bonus which is usually much larger and it costs time for the clear curve to work it's way through.

All in all, the game is very cool but they should have worked on the scoring more My top score on Zuma was 2. The score seem to be very hard to improve on and with more thought to the scoring I think Popcap could have made one for the ages. Hey folks, I just finished Iron Frog. I am 1 and at this point. I have also finished going through Heroic a few times. Good luck to all and remember to keep backing up the line. Congrats Mel You're absolutely right that getting the string to "back up" every chance you get is essential to beating Iron Frog.

It took me over 50 tries to win my first time, but now I just won for the th time out of Level 9 is the worst for me with 6 probably the next. Good Luck! Top scores on Adventure mode anyone? Mines 1.


Zuma’s Revenge Tips and Tricks

Got a question on the mac version of Zuma Revenge. Does anyone know how to change the balls when playing on the mac. I know on windows you use the right mouse button to change the current ball to the next. But on a mac mouse, there is no left and right mouse button. Please help! I set my mother in law up on her mac but we don't know how to do that. I thought there might be a way in the options to change that but there isn't! So hold the control key down and click the mouse to change the balls.

OK, what could possibly be left? Iron Frog done level 6 and 9 are the worst but at least on 9 you can throw balls away done in Just now hit my highest challenge score of , on level 9. Highest Adventure Score: I played over and over and over. Stats say 38 hours but it's easily s since I have this on 3 computers!! Well, after I asked what's left I have gotten , or more on 69 out of 70 challenges.

Still can't top the , on Insane level 2. I think my highest is still the ,00 I posted right above your comment. OK, finally have over K on all challenges with the lowest score at , on level Highest score on challenge is , on level Now I'm done with this game. When's the next one coming out?

Live Long and Prosper

It's the same levels you've played through in the regular Adventure, only now they're a bit harder - the balls move faster and you don't seem to get as many fortuitous colour combos occurring naturally. Dressing it up as something new and exciting is a bit cheeky. So let's do a quick tally of what's new in Zuma's Revenge!: The game has also been given a graphical overhaul - there's now a x option, 3D particle effects and widescreen support.

Which is all very nice, and there's no doubt this is the best-looking Zuma game yet, but the appeal of match-three games has never been stunning visuals. Does anyone really care if the frog looks shinier? Or that PopCap has swapped the Aztec theme for a Tiki one? You could replace the diamonds in Bejeweled with potatoes and it would still be Bejeweled.

Although the name wouldn't work as well obviously. The overall result is that if you've played previous iterations of Zuma, it all feels instantly familiar. In a good way, like when you put on a comfy jumper. All the same, it's hard not to be disappointed that there's very little in the way of fresh ideas here.

Zuma's Revenge Review

Keep playing, though, and Zuma's Revenge! After a few hours of play, which will feel like about 40 minutes until you look at the clock, you'll realise you're hooked all over again. PopCap may not have mucked about with the original formula much, but who can blame them? It still works and Zuma is just as addictive as it's always been.

Put it this way, you don't hear junkies complaining that their last hit of heroin was a bit samey. If you're a newcomer to the series, this iteration is well worth the investment. It's a highly polished game with instantly accessible gameplay, a smooth difficulty curve and some fun new power-ups. There's scope for both long-term strategising and mindless ball-blasting.

It's also ideal for playing whilst watching grisly ITV1 crime dramas and wondering whatever happened to Jerome, anyway. It may not be a whole new ballgame, but Zuma's Revenge is certainly a fun one. Ellie spent nearly a decade working at Eurogamer, specialising in hard-hitting executive interviews and nob jokes. These days she does a comedy show and podcast. She pops back now and again to write the odd article and steal our biscuits.

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