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Use them to become an audio pro without touching an instrument.

The best free music and audio apps for iPad

As a Beatwave devotee , I consider this app the most creative way to make beats that are uniquely your own. Open it, choose the set of sounds you'd like to work with, and start drawing patterns in the provided grids. It's quite literally musical finger painting! More advanced producers will love that you can mimic multi-track recording by layering multiple grids together and adding different effects to each piece of your opus.

While the app has yet to be updated for iOS 11, a faster, more responsive update is hopefully in the works. And you don't have to be familiar with Reason to play with Figure. Everyone from beginners to more advanced producers will love how simply you can adjust the circular modules a cheeky reference to the Circle of Fifths to create truly mesmerizing beats.

The Top 10 Best Music Making and Production Apps - The Wire Realm

And musical savants will appreciate that you can tune your creations to any key and adjust the tempo to any BPM. That said, bugs can be an issue: The developers seem to focus more on the app's social sharing aspect yes, you can upload your creations to a social network of sorts than on improving its performance and warding off crashes.

The Kaossilator is one of the most innovative pieces of music hardware to hit the market in the past decade. Like Beatwave, you can play different sounds simply by stroking, tapping, or rubbing the app's XY Axis. You can even turn your "musical finger paintings" into loops that you can then "DJ" in real-time. Oh, and it features stunning visual effects that move along with the performance—completely in sync. You'd be hard-pressed to find anything wrong with this app, but some people just can't be pleased. According to some iTunes reviewers, the app interface makes it hard to "consistently hit on a specific note or pitch" during live performances.

Other reviewers crave the ability to export tracks as MIDI files, so they can work with them in their digital audio workstations on a laptop or PC. Moog put the synthesizer on the map, paving the way for electronic music to be the force it is today. For many, a Moog synthesizer is the gateway to more advanced music production techniques.

Let's face it, there's something completely magical about that warm, thick Moog sound. Filtatron takes the best part of a Moog—the Moog Ladder Filter—and allows you to import and record any sound into the app and give it the "Moog treatment. Filtatron can do that. Craving a sawtooth or square wave?

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It can do that too. In the con column, you'll need to get used to working the virtual knobs in the app, because they can be a little tricky to turn, especially if you've got larger fingers. Learning how to master guitar, piano, or the basics of composition? These apps will be the perfect companion as you practice. If you're looking to get your start as a songwriter, then this is the app for you.

Enter a two-bar riff into the app using the three available "starter notes," and Chordana will automatically generate some ideas to help you kickstart that next big hit. You can also go even more automatic by selecting your music genre, "range of melody motion," and "emotional tension. Although you can also whistle a riff into the app, this function is not completely fool-proof, so your melodies may be off by a note or two.

But you can always edit them in the app to get them just right. Think of this as your chord encyclopedia. You can search for chords in any scale, both for guitar and piano, and you can learn how to build any chord in any inversion. Our commerce editor Billy Cadden particularly loves that you can "strum" on your screen, so you can actually hear what you're playing. That said, with great power comes greater anxiety: Because it offers so many options, the app could be a little overwhelming for beginning guitarists and pianists. By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy.

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Great new setup for spontaneous music making! - Andrew Huang

Premium Profile. Follow us email facebook twitter Google Plus instagram tumblr pinterest youTube snapchat linkedin rss. A full music studio in the palm of your hand. Operating system: Beginning to advanced musicians and producers Cost: Free This voice recorder app is a great alternative to the default Voice Memo app that comes with your iPhone.

The app includes a great range of virtual instruments. With these tools and the sequencer you can create songs that sound great in very little time. Learn how to use GarageBand with our step-by-step guide. GarageBand Free. Before I became horribly addicted to Auxy, Figure was my musical toy of choice. You get one drum machine, one lead synth, and one bass synth.

There are a multitude of instruments for each element, which you can mix and match.

Music Production Apps – Our Top 11 Picks

Record synth parts by tapping, holding, and swiping the XY pads. You can free-hand the drums or use the built-in quantization to effortlessly build beats, then blend it all together. Download it right now and have a play, or check out some of the mixes people have created with Figure. Figure Free. Read More , featuring lead and bass synthesizers, analog and sample-based drum machines, and a sampler for recording external sound. The app was previously iPad-only, but now works flawlessly on the small iPhone screen too.

The app includes a powerful sequencer to tie all your gadgets together, with full automation and MIDI support. Fair warning though: SunVox is a fully fledged pattern-based sequencer that uses a tracker interface.

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The app includes numerous modular synthesizers and effects processors, including an analog generator, a drum synthesizer with built-in sounds, echo, distortion, reverb, vocal filter, and a module for building your own synths and effects. Just like Figure, iKaossilator is a musical tool that breaks down the boundaries. The provides you with five channels of sound, which you can toggle at will.

You can then take these channels, remix them across your projects, and control your loops in real time.

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The app allows you to route audio from one source to another, so you can take the output from a synthesizer or drum machine, add effects with an audio processor, then record it in your workstation. Meanwhile, AudioBus 3 is currently maintained and does everything AudioBus 2 does. It has more options for routing multiple apps, plus full support for MIDI. Check out the full list of AudioBus-compatible apps on the AudioBus website. Loopy offers six, nine, or 12 blank loops, onto which you can record and layer sounds.