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  1. Walmart's Straight Talk to offer Samsung Galaxy Precedent for under $ with no contract
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  4. Samsung Galaxy Precedent first Android phone coming from Straight Talk

Yet another prepaid Android phone has become available for prepaid users, Samsung Galaxy Precedent offered by Straight Talk. For more in-depth review, please, continue reading.

Unlimited Minutes, Messages, and Data

As far as features of Samsung Galaxy Precedent are concerned, hardware wise, they are very similar to Prevail from Boost Mobile. So, which Android phone wins, you decide. Samsung Galaxy Precedent is a smartphone with a 3.

Walmart's Straight Talk to offer Samsung Galaxy Precedent for under $ with no contract

There is also option of 5 home screens to choose from. Precedent is Android 2. The web browsing with this smartphone is bliss. All sorts of messaging, IM instant messaging, emailing, social networking is also standard for this phone. The phone also has 2MP camera for taking pictures and videos, same as Prevail, which of course could be much better, but it is what it is.

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All your downloads you can store on a 2GB memory card that comes with the phone but if you need more, you can expand memory up to 32GB. Battery life lasts up to 7 hours of talk time and up to 10 days of stand by.

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So, considering the price of this smartphone as well as affordability of the plan that it goes with, this is a very good offer. I want to know for sure though before I buy it. Could you make the most of the 3G and WiFi capability? What about the touchscreen, 2 MP camera, and music player.

Would the GPS navigation really work? Reconditioned Samsung Galaxy Precedent. Coverage for this phone is provided by the Sprint Network. So you want to make sure that Sprint has good coverage in your area before you get this phone. To find out the coverage area for actually using the phone, you get a better idea by checking the coverage on Sprint's site.

There you can see both voice and 3G data coverage down to the street level. You might want to check out the locations where you'll be spending most of your time, such as your home, work or school.

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  8. If you need coverage from one of the other networks, check out my list of Straight Talk smart phones arranged by network. The Galaxy Precedent comes with version 2.

    Straight Talk Prepaid Wireless Will Put a Smile on Your Face

    Nielsen published a list of the top 20 Android apps based on user-research. I took a look and saw that about a third of those were pre-installed on this phone, and I was able to find and install the rest. All of them installed fine on this Straight Talk Android phone. Sep 9, , 3: Although Samsung initially announced pricing only for the lowest-memory configuration of each S10 model, US carriers have now revealed additional details and deals, including pricing for the high-memory configurations, and monthly payment options. Jan 16, Sprint this week became the last major US carrier to commit to ending its relationships with location aggregators, companies that resell phone location data, including real-time customer location.

    Today Samsung today announced the Galaxy Fold, the company's first commercial phone with a flexible display that folds in half.

    Galaxy Precedent

    Folded, it resembles a thick smartphone with 4. This year's series moves to a notched-screen design, steps up to a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and supports USB-C across the board. Jan 8, ROKiT is a new line of affordable unlocked phones accompanied by a unique range of health and life services for what it calls "transitionals", which means people between jobs, people struggling socioeconomically, and anyone without adequate health insurance. The lineup includes two very basic feature phones and three Android models.

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    Samsung Galaxy Precedent first Android phone coming from Straight Talk

    We honor the standouts with our Best of CES awards. This year, five products really caught our eye. Nokia phones are back on US carrier store shelves as of today. The Nokia 3.