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Will the wireless charger be a game changer? The move shouldn't "come as much of a surprise," says Chris Davis at Slashgear. A Windows Phone 8 teaser watch it here already hinted that the Nokia range, going forward, "won't require a nest of wires in order to rejuice. While a charger pad is certainly less messy than cumbersome wires, it has its downsides.

Nokia Lumia 920 Review - Wireless Charging and Screen Review

It's questionable whether wireless charging is anything "more than a gimmick. The Nokia Lumia 's wireless charger: A revolution for smartphones?

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A rendering of the Nokia Lumia charging pad leaked by evleaks on Twitter: Rather than plug anything into the phone, users simply set the handset on top of the pad for juice. Here's what you should know: The wrinkle in all of this is the price. Even though I can see the rationale behind it who doesn't have a USB plug kicking around, especially if they already have a Lumia smartphone? This casts a soft glow all around the base of the charging plate. If this is your first charging pad, then welcome to the new world , and if you are replacing another charging pad, then the old pad can move to the kitchen, by your bed, or anywhere else useful.

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Lumia wireless charging issues after Windows Phone Developer - Microsoft Community

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