Facebook messenger app for windows phone 7.5


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You can stream tracks or save playlists to your phone to listen offline, you can go back and see what you've listened to recently, and while Spotify has its own player with options for sharing and starring tracks you can also use the standard Windows Phone volume and play controls without switching back to the app. The what's new albums aren't limited to the six tiles you can see on screen; keep hitting refresh for another selection. About the only option from the desktop client we can't find is being able to rename a playlist; new playlists get the name of the first track, album or artist you add.

If you prefer Evernote to OneNote, the Mango update is crammed with improvements to make iPhone users jealous, including Wi-Fi background sync of your notes; you can pin specific notes, notebooks, tags or searches to the Start screen.

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You can pin templates which can include tasks like taking a photo and saving it as a note with some boilerplate text - ideal for recording receipts, business cards, wine labels or anything similar. And when you search on Bing, you can swipe across for a list of matching notes in Evernote. Until the Skype and Lync apps come out, Tango Chat is the only video chat for Windows Phone and it's available on a lot of other platforms already so you probably have friends using it.

It's easy to find out as anyone in your address book using Tango shows up in your contact list automatically.

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Call quality is good; it works best with a front-facing camera but it still works without one as long as you only want to either see or be seen but not both at once. Mango lets you have your own music as ringtones. Rather than cutting MP3s down to 50 seconds and copying them through Zune by hand, use EasyRing to find free ringtones online, try them out and save them to your phone two separate steps, by the way.

Ask Question. Where can I download apps for this phone?

RockSolid RockSolid 2 Can you download the following app? It is designed for windows phone 7 disclaimer: If you cannot download it there is likely something wrong with your phone. Yes I can!

Facebook at your fingertips

My question is Facebook Messenger for WP7?? In the market it is for WP8 only.

No, you can't: You can HERE Drive. HERE Maps.

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20 best free Windows Phone 7.5 Mango apps

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    Download Facebook Messenger XAP File for Windows Phone - Appx4Fun

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