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This game has an educational side because it helps your kids to developer their cognitive abilities. You can download it at: One of my favorite apps today is Coinnect for the iOS.

Donut County

An addictively fun matching game I can't stop playing. I love to share the fun with others so here is a link to the app. Quarterly Report: December 31, Comments: Best-reviewed iOS games of Games released during the last three months if any are marked with a symbol.

Best-reviewed iOS games of all time Games released during the last three months if any are marked with a symbol. Comments First to Last Latest.

The Best iPhone Games Currently Available (February ) | Digital Trends

Where is "The Room" series? Don't see my new favorite Cove Fish iOS game Tofu Heroes is a great one for as well!

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Brilliant rendition of a match-3 game. Popular Reports. New in Metacritic Reports. Notable Video Game Releases: New and Upcoming. February 19, Best of January January 31, This Month's Free Games. January 30, Metacritic's 9th Annual Game Publisher Rankings. It has all the trappings of its more expansive cousins, but is perfectly streamlined for mobile play. Your little band embarks on quests that mostly take the form of grid-based battles. As adversaries try to shoot, flatten or even eat the heroes, you must swipe them about, getting them into the best positions to mete out some punishment of their own.

Current page: For more ideas, check out the best Android games , because most of them are available for the iPhone as well, and if you want to switch off that screen, the best board games could offer a welcome alternative.

iCheapskate: 40 amazing free games for iPhone and iPad

Remember Micro Machines? Choose from 28 cars on 36 racetracks, and unlock new stuff as you go — or pay extra to unlock early. It has full gamepad support, and a bunch of different game modes too. Trapped in the darkness, you visualize your surroundings by reflecting the sounds you make off surfaces — like sonar.

25 Best iPhone Games of All Time

In Reigns: The twist? But be warned — every choice has its consequences, and you must be careful whose favor you curry and whose you curdle. The grandfather of the 4X genre explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate , Civilization has finally come to phones in the form of Civilization VI. An arena shooter from the folks behind Clash Royale , Boom Beach , and Clash of Clans , Brawl Stars invites you into arena battles against other players. By playing more, players will be able to unlock new characters with unique skills, as well as new skins for their existing characters. Matches take a few minutes, making it great for whenever you need to kill a little time.

If you want to go on a vast, globe-trotting adventure with heaps of intrigue and conspiracy, then the Broken Sword series has always been one of the best ports of call. How could we not mention the iPhone Game of the Year ? You play as a ornery raccoon called BK who can create holes in the ground, and you roam around, meeting new characters and throwing them into expanding holes. With The Game of Life on mobile, you can now play the board game on the go. You can experience all the stages of life, such as attending college, having a family, starting your career, and more.

With online multiplayer mode, you can also play with others or play with friends using one device. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on iOS has been remastered and enhanced specifically for mobile. With over 70 hours of gameplay, this Grand Theft Auto installment takes you back to the hood as you follow the life of Carl Johnson who has returned home in an effort to salvage what he left behind.

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Heads up! In Paper. A terrific, touch-controlled platform game, Limbo is a stunning saga of a boy who wanders through a haunting industrial jungle. True Skate brings those old-school fingerboards to your smartphone with touch-based physics. All you need to do is drag your finger along the display to move the board. While at the skate park, you can skate on stairs, ledges, grind on rails, and more. While you do need an internet connection, Fortnite on mobile lets you compete in a player game as you attempt to claim the title of last one standing.

You follow the titular Old Man as he travels across the country, aiding him along the way by altering the hills and landscapes in front of him and interacting with the objects and people he meets.