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Nokia also claims that the Lumia has one of the brightest displays of any smartphone on the market and says it will automatically adjust the colour tone and brightness depending on the amount of ambient light. We'll have to wait until we get our hands on a review unit to put those claims to the test, but it certainly sounds positive. The Lumia certainly has its work cut out in competing with the iPhone 5's display, which is one of the best on the market.

It's larger than previous iPhone's at 4in, but it's the same width as the screen on every other iPhone, only taller. Apple says the decision to keep the phone at the same width ensures that the span of a user's thumb can reach all the way across the display when using the phone single-handedly. In a side-by-side comparison with the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5's screen is slightly brighter at the full brightness setting.


Head to Head: Nokia Lumia 920 Vs. Apple iPhone 5

It also displays deeper blacks, most notably when watching video content. We'll learn more closer to its release date, expected to be at the end of October. What we already know is that there's a completely new interface with support for small, medium and large home screen tiles, more colour customisation options, built-in Skype integration, a data use monitor, and a revamped backup system that now includes the ability to backup SMS messages. The Windows Phone platform is a smooth, effective and efficient OS.

The interface is refreshing and different to anything else on the market and performance has been consistently smooth in most devices that have been released so far. The fact that the Lumia will come with a dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM should ensure that performance will be competitive with the best smartphones on the market. The biggest issue for Windows Phone 8 will be third-party apps. The platform lacks both the number and the variety of apps when compared to both iOS and Android.

If Nokia is to be successful with the Lumia , it needs to attract developers to build apps for the Windows Phone platform. The iPhone 5 has no such problems, with third-party apps one of its strongest advantages. Using the iPhone 5 is a very similar experience to previous iPhone's.

Apple says its new iOS 6 software, which comes standard on the iPhone 5, has added over new features to the platform. The most significant change is the abolishment of Google's Maps application, which has been replaced with Apple's own Maps app. This is a change for the worse as the Maps app appears to be a half-baked, unfinished solution that lacks both the detail and the accuracy of the Google Maps app it replaced. The Nokia Maps application , which will come standard on the Lumia , is one area where the company can claim to hold a big advantage over the iPhone 5.

It offers free, turn-by-turn navigation in countries, compared to the iPhone 5's 56 and it also works offline, unlike Apple Maps.

Why is Apple iPhone 5 better than Nokia Lumia 920?

The Nokia Lumia has a "PureView" camera but this isn't the same megapixel sensor seen on the PureView smartphone. Instead, Nokia is now marketing PureView as any feature or features that enable the camera to capture quality images. The 8-megapixel camera on the Lumia has a "floating lens" which enables optical image stabilisation. Nokia promises this will improve photos in low-light and minimise out of focus photos and shaky, unstable video recordings.

Nokia: Here's why the Lumia is better than the iPhone 5 - CNET

We're very keen to put this to the test, as Nokia says the feature will capture blur-free videos even if the camera is shaking. The Lumia will certainly need all that and more to better the camera on the iPhone 5, which is one of the best we've ever used on a smartphone.

It remains at 8-megapixels, but captures excellent photos with great detail and many of the shots produced are comparable to some dedicated point-and-shoot digital cameras. An impressive photo we captured with the iPhone 5's camera. Click to enlarge.

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During testing, we found that the iPhone 5's camera consistently produced more accurate colours than the iPhone 4S. Macro performance is excellent, and the lens is quick to focus on close range subjects — an issue we found on the 4S.

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The biggest improvement on the camera is the ability to take better quality photos in low light conditions, though these images are still noisier than most good point-and-shoot cameras. The Nokia Lumia has relatively impressive specifications. It's powered by a 1. There's no memory card slot though, so users won't be able to physically add to that 32GB of storage. NFC connectivity is present and allows a range of accessories to be paired with the phone simply by tapping the two devices together.

There's also 4G connectivity, too — the Lumia will be sold through Telstra in Australia. The 's 4. The iPhone 5's 4-inch screen offers 1,x pixels at ppi. The PureView camera on the Lumia offers 8. But unmentioned by Nokia are the improvements in noise reduction, low-light performance, and fast photo taking in the new iPhone's camera.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Apple iPhone 5: Head-to-head

Both cameras offer a Panoramic mode to let you shoot a single photo covering as much as degrees. Nokia gives itself points for image stabilization, but that feature is also on the iPhone 5. The 's front-facing camera does win the pixel race, offering 1. The Lumia is also more touch-sensitive. A new touch technology allows people with long fingernails or gloves to manipulate the screen. Nokia's phone comes in a wider range of colors and offers more accessories than does the iPhone 5.

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The winner of the maps contest is a no-brainer, especially in light of Apple's Maps snafu. The City Lens augmented reality feature found on the Lumia Maps app lets you find local businesses simply by pointing your phone in the right direction, a feature not available on the new iPhone.

Apple iPhone 5

Nokia is also clearly taking advantage of the backlash against Apple for its Maps mistakes. The decision isn't "by any means a blow-away verdict" and is hardly the last word. The review of the iPhone 5 was hands-on, while CNET is waiting for a review unit of the to fully test. On the surface, the Lumia appears to have the edge over the iPhone 5.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs Apple iPhone 5

But since the isn't out yet, it's difficult to fully compare the two side by side. Nokia will reportedly launch the in early November at which time the two phones can truly go head to head. How to watch the Galaxy S10 launch: Samsung is expected to unveil several Galaxy models Feb. Mobile World Congress Complete coverage from the world's biggest phone show.