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One of the first questions I had with this library was how to target devices in the CSS based on screen size. For example, I wanted a two-column layout for the iPad and a single column for smartphones. The absolute best way to accomplish this is with media queries.

Lesson: Integration with the Phone

With some simple media queries in place, you can quickly make the CSS target screen sizes. And with this type of targeting, we can quickly set up different layouts based on the available screen space by relying on conventional CSS techniques. Much as we might want to execute certain CSS for certain devices, we might also want to run jQuery only on specific devices.

One quirk of the library seems to be its difficulty in finding target pages to post forms to… that is, unless you use the full path from the root of the website.

More stuff

Also, be sure that the results from the form handler produce a full, valid jQuery mobile page, as shown in tip 1. One handy feature of the library is its built-in pop-up or dialog box feature.

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Setting up this handy feature is dead simple. Basically, add an attribute to link to, as follows: Note two things. First, the target page must be a full-blown jQuery mobile page, as outlined in tip 1.

Custom Home Screen/Bookmark Icons

Secondly, this will only work for external pages; it must be a full separate page to work properly. This bit of code accommodates two basic needs. The first is to have two buttons next to each other.

Fortunately, the library has a built-in column structure that can easily be put to work using a fieldset tag and the proper classes, as seen below. The second is to have two buttons with different themes. This code is directly from the documentation , and I keep it handy for frequent use.

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Fortunately, web developers figured out long ago how to move columns around. Position Is Everything lays out one of the easiest systems to work with. The jQuery mobile library is a blast to work with.

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