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Otherwise, you will see the message Setup could not finish. Tap Edit details to enter the additional information manually. Unmark the Always show option if you do not want to see this message again when setting up an ActiveSync account, and tap OK. The screen below may not display for all ActiveSync accounts. This will help you identify this account if you add other email accounts to your device. Then, tap Done. How can I disable Peel Remote? Stop Apps crashing on a Samsung Phone. Yes No.

Set Up Corporate Email (Exchange ActiveSync®) - Samsung Galaxy Tab™

Thank you for your feedback! Please answer all questions. Did not find what you're looking for? We're here to help. Chat with us Live Chat Support with a Samsung product expert. Now, you should see only your Exchange contacts. If they appear correctly, go back and select All contacts, and see if they remain. I have also witnessed this strange fix. A client came to me with this very problem.

I went through all the motions of fixing the issue and nothing worked. It wasn't until I added a test contact and calendar appointment from the mobile device that everything started working. Many wince at this idea — but remember, we're talking Exchange, so you won't lose any data. If you have tried to set and unset your sync options and it just won't work, delete and re-add the account.

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Make sure you do this when your mobile is connected to Wi-Fi, so the syncing will happen automatically and do so much more smoothly. If all else fails, there are third-party software titles that will more than likely help you around this issue.

ActiveSync Error Support Code: 0x85010014

Two particular titles are better suited for business users. This tool helps keep your Android in sync with your desktop Outlook.

samsung galaxy s3 microsoft exchange email problem

Don't be fooled though, this isn't an ActiveSync solution. Touchdown is probably one of the best solutions for this issue. If you're looking for a single app to access your Exchange email, contacts, calendar, and tasks, Touchdown is it. I've seen plenty of instances where the built-in Android contacts and calender would fail, and the Touchdown app would succeed every time. No one wants to deal with syncing issues on a mobile device especially when you're on the go. I have been trying for a week to get my company email set up, but without an ounce of luck.

samsung galaxy s3 microsoft exchange email problem - Microsoft Community

It times out when trying to connect to the server. I too have found it impossible to setup an Exchange Activesync account on the Note 8 an Office Business Essentials email account — the autodiscovery process used when the email address and password are entered result in a certificate problem and manual setup results in failure to authenticate with credentials successfully used on a Galaxy S5. Not sure if this is a Note 8 issue or an Android 7.

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I cannot set up a Microsoft Exchange Activesync account on my Note 8. It just hangs after I put in the address and password.