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Added pink version per request from alas99greener. Added version for University Life. Polygon Counts: Download files Key: Need help with downloading or installing content? Click this link! Quick Guide: Click the file listed on the Files tab to download the file to your computer.

Extract the zip, rar, or 7z file. Now you will have either a. For Package files: If you do not already have this folder, you should read the full guide to Package files first: Sims 3: Installing Package Files wiki , so you can make sure your game is fully patched and you have the correct Resource. Run the game, and find your content where the creator said it would be build mode, buy mode, Create-a-Sim, etc.

For Sims3Pack files: If you do not have this folder yet, it is recommended that you open the game and then close it again so that this folder will be automatically created. Then you can place the.

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The Sims 3

Load the game's Launcher, and click on the Downloads tab. Find the item in the list and tick the box beside it. Then press the Install button below the list. A short song right after the attempt is another sign of success. If this doesn't happen, just try for a baby a second time. You can keep trying as many times as you like.

Adjust during the pregnancy. A Sims pregnancy is much easier than a real one, since it only lasts three days!

Common Sense says

Still, it pays to be prepared for the following changes: She will also get a few days of maternity leave paid time off work , starting today. On day three, meet the mother's needs and address negative moodlets fast. If she is unhappy during this stage, you will not get to select the baby's traits. Buy baby supplies.

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Set up an area for the baby near the parents' bed, as well as a bathroom. A crib and a teddy bear for the baby to sleep with are essential supplies. Give birth. Some Sims will have birth inside the house, while others will call a taxi on their own and visit the hospital. There are no big differences between them, but the home birth usually leads to a higher starting relationship between mother and baby. The birth can happen very quickly, or last several game hours.

Don't let the noise or the panicking husband worry you — nothing bad can happen. Method 2. Start with a stable household. You cannot adopt a child if the Social Worker has previously removed someone from the household, or if you've reached the max household size of 8 Sims. Phone the adoption services. Interact with any phone and select the "Call Services" option, then select "Adoption Services. Choose a child.

When adopting, you get to choose between a girl and a boy, and between a baby, toddler, or child.

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You also get to name the kid, although the last name will always be the same as the Sim who made the phone call. Wait for the kid. Within a game hour the kid should arrive at your house. Babies and toddlers are dropped off by a social worker, while children will ride a bike to your house. Method 3. Get abducted by aliens. Male Sims at the young adult stage or older have a 1 in 3 chance of pregnancy when abducted by aliens.

The baby will be completely alien, and unrelated to the father. Here's how to achieve this: Install the Seasons expansion. Collect Space Rocks if you can. They appear mostly at random, but a Collection Helper speeds it up. Have a male Sim stargaze outside at night, using a telescope. Repeat each night until abducted.

If the Sim has the Unexpected Weight Gain moodlet when he returns, he is pregnant.

(Games) Sims 3 on Galaxy Y! play it 3D | iPlayGalaxyY For Samsung Galaxy Y

If not, try again. Wish for a child at the wishing well. If you purchase the Lucky Palms world from the Sims Store, you'll have access to a wishing well. You can wish for a child here, but sometimes you'll get an evil one that appears from a black cloud. In other situations, the baby may be a puppy or kitten.

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